Types of Work Our New Jersey Restoration Sandblasting Experts Do

Our New Jersey restoration sandblasting specialists do a lot of types of work. From specialized sandblasting and sodablasting services for antique car frames to cleaning gas pumps, iron railings, motorcycle frames, rims, radiators and more.

Let our sandblasting company help you with your restoration project today. Give us a call at 201-843-3323 to get started.

Restoration Projects

restoration sandblasting new jerseyIf you have any piece of property that you are considering restoring to its original condition, our New Jersey sandblasting company is here to help. At J&R Sandblasting, our professionals can assist you with any restoration project that you have in mind. We have the right equipment and techniques to expertly clean any surface in the most optimal manner possible.

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Cleaning Radiators

cleaning radiators new jerseyOne of the most difficult pieces of property to keep in an optimum condition is an old cast iron radiator. These items have inherent sentimental value, are hard to find, and are integral to your heating system. At J&R Sandblasting, we can help you restore cast iron radiators to their original beauty.

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Gas Pumps

sandblasting gas pumps new jerseyIf you have found an antique gas pump recently, you understand how these classic items are a thing of beauty. They are a great adornment for any living space, can be the centerpiece of any room, and are highly collectible. The one thing standing in the way of you enjoying your gas pump to the utmost is the years of paint and corrosion on its surface. At J&R Sandblasting, our sandblasting pros are here to help you with the restoration process.

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Antique Car Frames

restoring antique car frames new jerseyAt J&R Sandblasting, our professionals specialize in helping New Jersey residents restore their antique car frames. Through our skills and services, you will be able to make the most out of your project. When you hire our New Jersey sandblasting services team for assistance, you are guaranteed to be completely satisfied with the results.

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Iron Railings

sandblasting iron railings new jerseyIron railings are uniquely beautiful and are relatively low maintenance. However, after years of exposure to the elements, they can become corroded and dirty. At J&R Sandblasting, our sandblasting professionals are here to help you clean iron railings in the most efficient and effective manner: sandblasting.

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Motorcycle Frames

sandblasting motorcycle frames new jerseyMotorcycle frames are notoriously difficult to clean. Years of hard wear and tear result in layers of grease, dirt, and corrosion. The cleaning effort requires a lot more than a tooth brush and some solvent. At J&R Sandblasting, our New Jersey sandblasting company is here to help restore your bike to its original beauty.

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sandblast rusted car rims new jerseyOne of the most difficult portions of your motor vehicle to keep clean are your rims. Not only are they exposed to the elements which causes rust and corrosion, but they also bear the brunt end of being caked by mud, dirt, and hydraulic fluids. If your rims are in serious need of being cleaned, our New Jersey sandblasting company is here to help.

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