The Hudson County Sandblasting Company Leading the Way

sandblasting company Hudson County njAre you planning on restoring a piece of property with sandpaper or steel wool? If so, you should give serious consideration to having the item cleaned via abrasive blasting. At J&R Sandblasting, our Hudson County sandblasting company can provide you with this amazing service.

Our professionals can clean years of paint, rust, and grime from all different types of surfaces including metal, plastic, wood, and masonry. We have been providing these amazing services to Hudson County businesses and residents since 2001. In each project we undertake, we place customer satisfaction as our first priority.

Call J&R Sandblasting today if you are looking for a highly skilled and accomplished sandblasting company in Hudson County. Our courteous and polite staff would be happy to assist you in any way that we can. Our knowledgeable experts can answer any questions that you may have about our exceptionally performed services. We can schedule your appointment today.

Hudson County Sandblasting Experts

At J&R Sandblasting, our professionals have the knowledge, skill, and experience that you can trust for all your surface restoration needs. The hardest part of any project is sanding away layers of paint or corrosion from the item. Through our sandblasting service, our team can handle this portion of the job quickly and easily for you.

Our professionals can handle any sized project that you may have. Our blasting bay has the capability of holding a full-sized dump truck. We also have a rotisserie system upon with we can place car and motorcycle frames. Whatever item you are trying to restore, we can help you achieve all of your goals with our environmentally safe sandblasting in Hudson County, NJ.

Hudson County Sodablasting Contractors

For more delicate projects, our professionals will utilize the soda blasting method. Sodablasting is a form of abrasive media blasting that utilizes sodium bicarbonate as the cleaning agent. Inherent in the process are two specific benefits. First, the more delicate medium is perfect for cleaning more fragile items. Second, the soda blasting process is rust inhibitive, so it is the perfect means to clean any item that is highly susceptible to corrosion.

Types of Services We Commonly Provide

Again, if you are planning to restore a piece of property via hours of sanding, our sandblasting company can achieve even better results in a matter of minutes. Here are just a few of the items and services that we proudly conduct:

  • Restoration Projects
  • Radiator Specialists
  • Gas Pumps
  • Antique Car Frames
  • Iron Railings
  • Motorcycle Frames
  • Rims
  • And More

Cities in Hudson County We Serve

  • Arlington, NJ
  • Babbitt, NJ
  • Bayonne, NJ
  • Bergen, NJ
  • Bergen Point, NJ
  • Communipaw, NJ
  • Croxton, NJ
  • East Newark, NJ
  • Grantwood, NJ
  • Greenville, NJ
  • Guttenberg, NJ
  • Harrison, NJ
  • Hoboken, NJ
  • Hudson Heights, NJ
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • Kearny, NJ
  • Marion, NJ
  • New Durham, NJ
  • North Bergen, NJ
  • Port Johnson, NJ
  • Secaucus, NJ
  • Union City, NJ
  • Weehawken, NJ
  • West Bergen, NJ
  • West New York

Hudson County, NJ

If you are looking for an environmentally safe Hudson County sandblasting company then please call 201-843-3323 or complete our online request form.