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sandblasting company passaic county njSince 2001, J&R Sandblasting has been helping Passaic County residents and businesses with their major surface restoration projects. Our team has the equipment, skill, and experience necessary to help you clean years of paint and corrosion from any piece of property. We are proud to be the preeminent Passaic County sandblasting company.

Call J&R Sandblasting today if you are planning to restore a piece of property to its original beautiful condition. Our Passaic County professionals are here to assist you with all your sandblasting related needs. We can answer any questions that you may have about our exceptional services. We can schedule your appointment today.

Sandblasting Services in Passaic County

Sandblasting is an truly amazing method that can remove years of contaminants from the surface of metal, masonry, wood, and plastic. In essence, a high pressured jet of air and particulate matter is shot at the surface being treated. This process is nondestructive and conducted in an environmentally safe fashion.

After the surface of the property that you are restoring is cleaned, it will be smooth and uniform. As such, it will be ready for any paint, primer, or sealant application. The hardest part of your restoration project will be made extremely easy when you hire our experts for sandblasting in Passaic County, NJ.

Sodablasting in Passaic County

At J&R Sandblasting, our professionals are adept at all types of abrasive media blasting services. One such variation in with we specialize is sodablasting in Passaic County. The key difference in this type of service is that sodium bicarbonate is utilized.

Soda blasting is the optimal method when it comes to restoring delicate car and motor cycle parts. Because the medium is softer, it will clean your restoration project in the safest possible fashion. In addition, soda blasting is inherently rust inhibitive, so it is the perfect abrasive blasting method for parts that are susceptible to corrosion.

Types of Projects We Routinely Conduct

Bottom line, if you are thinking about refurbishing any piece of property by using sandpaper or steel wool, you should consider sandblasting as an efficient alternative. Our sandblasting company handles all projects small and large. Our blasting bay is capable of holding a full-sized dump truck. As such, we can provide for all of your needs in the most efficient manner possible.

Here are just a few of the projects that we are routinely hired for:

  • Restoration Projects
  • Radiator Specialists
  • Gas Pumps
  • Antique Car Frames
  • Iron Railings
  • Motorcycle Frames
  • Rims
  • And More

Cities in Passaic County We Serve

  • Albion Place, NJ
  • Allwood, NJ
  • Apshawa, NJ
  • Athenia, NJ
  • Awosting, NJ
  • Bloomingdale, NJ
  • Browns, NJ
  • Clifton, NJ
  • Clinton, NJ
  • Cooper, NJ
  • Delawanna, NJ
  • Echo Lake, NJ
  • Erskine, NJ
  • Erskine Lakes, NJ
  • Finns Trailer Court, NJ
  • Great Notch, NJ
  • Haledon, NJ
  • Haskell, NJ
  • Hawthorne, NJ
  • Hewitt, NJ
  • Lake View, NJ
  • Lakeside, NJ
  • Little Falls, NJ
  • Macopin, NJ
  • Moe, NJ
  • Mountain View, NJ
  • Newfoundland, NJ
  • North Haledon, NJ
  • Oak Ridge, NJ
  • Packanack Lake, NJ
  • Passaic, NJ
  • Paterson, NJ
  • Pines Lake, NJ
  • Pompton, NJ
  • Pompton Junction, NJ
  • Pompton Lakes, NJ
  • Postville, NJ
  • Preakness, NJ
  • Prospect Park, NJ
  • Richfield, NJ
  • Ringwood, NJ
  • Riverside, NJ
  • Riverside Terrace, NJ
  • Singac, NJ
  • Skylands, NJ
  • Smiths Mills, NJ
  • Stonetown, NJ
  • The Village at Little Falls, NJ
  • Totowa, NJ
  • Upper Greenwood Lake, NJ
  • Upper Macopin, NJ
  • Uttertown, NJ
  • Wanaque, NJ
  • Wanaque-Midvale, NJ
  • Wayne, NJ
  • West Milford, NJ
  • Woodland Park, NJ
  • Woodland Park Borough, NJ

Passaic County, NJ

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